Raspberry Pi Pinout


  • Full high quality audio – 384kHz / 32bit
  • Includes both a DAC and headphone amplifier
  • Line-level RCA and headphone amplified 3.5mm jack outputs
  • Hardware and software volume control from your Raspberry Pi
  • Powered by the Raspberry Pi GPIO header
  • Optional IR receiver via GPIO25
  • Compatible with the JustBoom Amp which can easily stack on top of the DAC HAT
  • All Raspberry Pi GPIO pins still accessible via 40pin unpopulated


  • Made by JustBoom
  • HAT form-factor
  • EEPROM auto configuration
  • Needs 5v and 3v3 power
  • Uses 8 GPIO pins
  • Communication over I2C
  • 0x4D: PCM5122
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