Raspberry Pi Pinout

Inventor HAT Mini

Inventor HAT Mini is a versatile motor, servo and audio driver HAT for Raspberry Pi. Bring your mechanical inventions, creations and contraptions to life! ‚Äč


  • Nuvoton microcontroller (MS51TC0AE) with built-in 16-bit PWM and 12-bit Analog to Digital Converter
  • 4 sets of header pins for connecting 3 pin hobby servos
  • 4 sets of header pins for GPIO (all of which are ADC capable)
  • Servo and GPIO pins all have their own power and ground pins
  • Dual H-Bridge motor driver (DRV8833)
  • 2 JST-SH connectors (6 pin) for attaching motors with encoders
  • Alternate socket connector for attaching 2 standard (2 pin) motors
  • Per motor current limiting (425mA)
  • Per motor direction indicator LEDs
  • MAX98357 3.2W I2S mono amplifier
  • 2 pin (Picoblade-compatible) connector for attaching speaker
  • 8 x addressable RGB LEDs/Neopixels
  • User button
  • Qw/ST connector for attaching breakouts
  • Pass-through 40 pin header
  • Fully assembled - no soldering required


Inventor HAT Mini