Raspberry Pi Pinout


The MDBHAT from Qibixx is a Raspberry Pi HAT connecting the Pi with the MDB (Machine Data Bus), found in vending machines and peripherals such as Coin and Bill Acceptors. With its advanced architecture, the MDB Hat can support MDB Master, MDB Peripheral and MDB Sniffing applications without any jumper settings.

The firmware of the MDBHAT can be updated from the Pi.

For universal connectivity, the MDB HAT connects with the PI with either serial or SPI interface. The MDB HAT is powered from the Pi, however, it can also provide up to 15W (5V, 3A) and backpower the Pi if MDB power is available. In most applications, the MDB HAT plus Pi and even other peripherals can be used without an additional power supply.

Full device documentation and protocol information is available here.

General MDB information and a device family overview can be found here.


  • Made by Qibixx
  • HAT form-factor
  • EEPROM product ID
  • Needs 5v and 3v3 power
  • Uses 11 GPIO pins
  • Communication over SPI
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