Raspberry Pinout

The PiBorg LedBorg is an ultra-bright RGB LED board for the Raspberry Pi.

the PiBorg Ledborg has its own driver, so you don't need to drive it manually.

If you want a much, much wider range of colours, though, you can drive it manually using softPwm in WiringPi. The pin assignments for this are as follows:

WiringPi pin 0: Red LED WiringPi pin 2: Green LED WiringPi pin 3: Blue LED

This is easy using WiringPi in Python:

import wiringpi2 as wiringpi


# Purple!
wiringpi.softPwmWrite(3,100) # Full Blue
wiringpi.softPwmWrite(0,100) # Full Red
wiringpi.softPWMWrite(2,0)   # No Green