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Raspberry Pinout

Learn about Pi pins and add-ons


The comprehensive Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout guide, now with Raspberry Pi Model B+ and Raspberry Pi 2

This GPIO Pinout isn't meant to be printable, but it's both a great quick-reference and a comprehensive guide to your Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins.

What do these numbers mean, anyway?

  • BCM - Broadcom pin number, commonly called "GPIO", these are the ones you probably want to use with RPi.GPIO
  • WiringPi - Wiring Pi pin number, for Gordon's Wiring Pi library
  • Physical - Number corresponding to the pins physical location on the header

Pi 2

To celebrate the launch of the Pi 2 and the new Pi-enthusiasts it'll bring, Pinout has been updated to be cleaner, more comprehensive and more accurate and will continue to be improved.

Model B+

Now that the Raspberry Pi Model B Plus is here, I've updated Pinout with the 14 extra pins you'll find on your shiny new board.

Note: While I've placed a gap to visually separate the additional 14 pins on the B+, you wont find this gap on the actual board!